Google kills the Assistant’s ‘Your stuff’ tab on Android, simplifying Explore

Google kills the Assistant’s ‘Your stuff’ tab on Android, simplifying Explore

As we first spotted on iOS in March, Google Assistant is getting rid of the “Your stuff” section and switching to a single-tabbed “Explore” page. As a result, some of the sections found in that tab have been moved to the list of Assistant Services in settings.

Tapping “Explore” in Assistant use to launch an interface with two tabs. The first was a directory of Actions on Google, while the second listed upcoming Reminders, your Agenda, Orders, Shopping List, and active Shortcuts.

This “Your stuff” tab provided a quick glance of personal information and links to open specific sections. While useful, it was just a summary, with the full dedicated menus offering much more context and actions.

As of this evening on Android, opening Explore from the top-right corner of Assistant reveals just the Actions app store.

As part of this change, there is a new link for Reminders among the list of Services in Assistant settings. This opens the same page that’s also accessible from the fifth “More” tab of the Google app. Meanwhile, that list of Services already features Purchases and Shopping List. Shortcuts were integrated into the Routines menu following the launch of Custom Routines at I/O 2018.

This change is rolling out now. If you don’t already have the new design, closing the Google app in the Recents menu should load it on your device.

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Source:- 9to5google