Soon, you can unlock house, car doors with iPhone – here is what report says

Soon, you can unlock house, car doors with iPhone – here is what report says

Apple is yet again ready to revolutionize the world with an out of the box technology. The Cupertino-based company will soon give its iPhone’s NFC chip the ability to users to open house and car doors, according to a report by Engadget quoting The Information. Apple is reportedly preparing to introduce a major update for its devices’ near-field communication chip, which is as of now used to make purchases via Apple Pay.

The Information report also said Apple employees already have access to new features, and have been using their smartphones to access offices and buildings at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino. Although a person can use iPhones to open a lot of smart locks via Bluetooth, NFC is considered the more secure option.

The report added that the tech giant has been working with HMD Global to give iPhone the ability to gain access to building and offices since 2014. They have also been in talks with transit card maker Cubic for the same. As of now customers can use Apple Pay to pay their fare in countries like Japan, parts of China, London and a few cities in the US.

The Information added that the Steve Jobs-founded company is scheduled to make the major announcement of its NFC’s new capabilities during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. The WWDC will begin on June 4. Once the features become available, even older iPhones made in 2014 or later can unlock them by downloading a software update.

Apple is also expected to announce the new iOS 12 for its customers worldwide. The Worldwide Developers Conference will be held from June 4 and will be concluded on June 8. WWDC will be held at the Apple Park, Cupertino.

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